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Saturday, 25 August 2012

You Were My Friend.

Once a friend, our talks knew no end,
Now even a forward, I hesitate to send.

You preach to me, who gives you the right?
We spoke after months, and all you do is fight!

Your harsh words, they cut at me. I am but myself, how I've always been.
I don't know why you can't see ..

You asked me, I opened up to you, 
I told what was happening, real, true.
But you went and judged me for that?
Judged me for being upset?
It's not like I was sulking over some candy that I didn't get.

You didn't have to see yet another grandparent wither away right in front of you,
If you saw and did all that I did,
You too, would try and cover it with a lid.

Telling people you know what they're going through, 
Telling them what to do instead, is easy too!

All I needed was you to listen to me, to comfort me.
All I needed was for you to be a good friend, to just BE THERE for me.

You were my friend .. Or were you ever?



  1. Hmmm....Very beautiful poem Nirati...I guess this poetry is from your own experience....I hate when our friends judge us instead of consoling when we need some moral support when we are down...
    Even I've written on this...but in a different way....Strangers-->Friends-->Strangers

    Hope everything gets alri8...Tc

    1. Thank you so much Valli!
      I agree, wish they'd understand..
      Thank you! :] xx

  2. People tend to be selfish like that. They are quick to judge, lie, hurt. All you need to do is be strong and act happy even when you're hurting because someone rightly said happiness is the best revenge!
    Hope you feel better soon.

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

    1. Some people are that way,yes,I agree. :]
      Thank you for those kind words Anisha! xx

  3. Can definitely relate!

    And I love the way you wrote this, simple but connected straight to the heart.

    1. Thank you.. I just tried to do that!
      Much love Kiara! :] xx

  4. I had a friend like that...I thought we'd be friends for ever..

    You're poem is really touching and lovingly portrays a heart's confession.

    If you don't mind can you check out my blog? And maybe we could follow each other? :D

    I'm a poet but I love fashion as well. I know weird combo lol!

    xoxo' Dipika

    1. Aww :[ I'm sorry you had to go through that!
      Thank you so much Dipika!
      I will do that soon, thanks. :] xx

  5. Reminds of a person who seemed to be The Friend for me at one point. But yeah, now I think back and wonder, was she ever my friend that she could let go of me that easily. A friend is one who stands by you even when you push them away and tries to bring you to the right side even when you are stark wrong. I have had some wonderful friends like that too, yet that one person who didn't quite seem to understand me still makes me wonder, was she ever my friend to begin with.

    Your way of putting forward this whole thing is so simple and yet somehow so deep.


    1. Oww :[
      I agree, THAT is a friend! Beautifully you've put it!

      Aww, thank you. I'm glad you feel so! :] xx



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