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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Double Standards - Soak No More.

She doesn't want a man, she wants to remain free,
Why don't we respect her decision and let her be?

Being a bachelor is "cool" , stereo-typically a chilled out, laidback guy,
But when it comes to being a spinster, we frown, WHY?

Unmarried guy, living with his parents, 30 years, he had no job,
A few eyebrows are raised, but that's all!
Unmarried female and the gossip mills start to churn,
Despite the fact that she works her butt off, helps her parents and earns.

Social institutions or restraints?
Life guides or bonded chains?

Choice is a choice, his or hers.
Unless you accept it, you just promote the belief that being a female is a curse!

Look at everyone with eyes wide open and clear,
Whether or not, to you, they are dear.

Soak No More!

This is my entry for the 'Soak No More' contest on Indiblogger. For me, when I first read those words, I thought of all those crappy things I'd like to banish once and for all (and no, I mean it, in a non fake politician-y kind of way :P), and this is one of things I felt was pertaining to the topic from my perspective :]



  1. nice post :) all the best!!

    have a look at this one when you get time :)

  2. I agree..!! Society has painted an ugly picture of the so called "norms" and it will take some more time to break free from it. But break free we must!!

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

    1. I know right! :[
      Amen to the last line!
      Thank you for dropping by Anisha :] xx



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