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Sunday, 2 September 2012

She's Dying.

[This was my entry post on Darlings Of Venus (DOV). And we can repost on the weekends, so here it is! :D ]

She's tired of the lies she's heard all of them say,
She's lost, she just cannot find a way.

She's seen them all smiling when she was smiling too,
And then they spoke their mean words, turned their backs
When her life was going off the track..

She learnt the hard way, that nothing and nobody are permanent.
That sometimes life gives you a rude shock,
It calls for your tears, your pain, it drives you insane.

But now she knows who will be there for her, and who all wont.
Now she's aware of the sink holes in her life.

Her mood is down in the trash, in the bin,
She's sick of feeling that way within.
She's this close to giving in.

If you know what to do, help her.
Because she is trying, but she knows she is failing. 
She's broken on the inside, and she is dying!

Ignore the English please! :P

I'd written this when I was 13, 4 years ago. Hope you liked it?




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