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Monday, 10 October 2011

First Date ♥

Walking towards you, didn't know how it would be,
Was just hoping, that you would like me!
Phone calls, IMs, messages, they all felt great,
But a lot of people were skeptical,
Said we may feel different after our first date.

They were so right, we do feel different now.
The way you put your arm around me, 
the only word that popped into my head was --> WOW!

Those stolen glances, flirting shamelessly and holding your hand,
Baby, I'd write a million songs for you if  I were in a band!

The day was SO perfect, all my wishes turned to be true,
I had the best first date, and I'm so glad it was with you!

I love you!


P.S. You can read more about my first date over here. That's on my main blog. Happy reading!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I am not perfect. But I never claim to be either!

I am not perfect. I never claim to be.
I am never fake. I am always me.
I know how I look, I know how I walk,
I know how sometimes I blurt out uncomfortable truths when I talk.

I know I am not always cheerful, sometimes I feel so sad,
I am not an angel, even I do stuff that's bad.

Sometimes I fail, I break down too,
Sometimes even I need you!
I am just human. I too, do fall,
Trying to climb over this huge wall.

I am confused, I don't know where I am going,
I am moody, don't know what I say,
I am a litter bitter, though I don't want to be this way.

I say things that are mean, I may come off as rude.
Some call me a drama queen, some say I am too prude.
Who are you to judge me? You don't know what I go through.
Yes,I may not be an orphan or something that bad,
But I have my problems too.

I am not perfect. But atleast I never claim to be!


Sunday, 31 July 2011

I Gotta Earn Your Love?

Each time you say your mean words,
A little something within me dies, a little at a time.
It's funny how fast time flies,
And soon that little something turns into such a big heap.
I feel so worthless,
I curse myself. I cry myself to sleep.

Being depressed drives me crazy,
I try to change myself but you want more,you think I'm being lazy.

You think you know me well,
But you've only grazed through that tough exterior of me,
You have no clue what goes on inside my mind,
You don't know that sometimes I am as sad as can be.

When you call me 'fat' , it cuts me deep,
I don't let it show. But these wounds don't heal.
And 99% of the time you don't know how I feel!

Why do I have to earn your love??

[ BTW this is not entirely me. This is a little about me and a little about a person I know. Which part is about whom , well I'm not telling :) ]

P.s : I blog here too :)

Short Sweet :)

 How Alladin loves Jasmine and grass loves dew, multiply that by infinity and you only have a glimpse of how much I Love You!

BTW I also blog here. That's where I write about everything, life in general. This one is pretty much a poetry kind of blog :)

Friday, 15 July 2011

All It Takes

All it takes for me to smile is hear you say I did something right,
All I need sometimes is one tight hug to make it allrite.

A few true words, to cheer me up,
They convince me that maybe life doesn't completely suck.

I don't need expensive gifts, nor do I ask for exotic things,
A simple 'I Was Just Thinking Of  You' will do,
Coz maybe I was thinking about you too!

A simple Good Morning can make my day start off with a smile,
Because forwards may make me laugh but they only last a while.

I don't want you to move me some mountain or name a star after me,
Just your talking to me makes me happy!

All I want is to know that you will always be there for me,
I'm not asking for too much, can't you see?

I mean it when I say that all I need to be happy is for you to always be there for me,
Genuinely liking me, caring for me.. That is what makes me happy!
That is all it takes!

- N


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