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Saturday, 14 April 2012


[I know, I know, I've been ignoring this blog baby of mine for just too long!
Since I am not really in a space of mind to put down my current feelings onto paper as poetry, I'm going to type the poems I've written in the past, I started writing in 8th grade, so it's been 5 years now. Enjoy xx]

(Written on 30/07/2009)

Another end, the stars gleam,
I lie there exhausted, but I can't get a single dream.

I can't escape the pain, Sears through me all night.
I keep trudging on and forward, nothing specific in sight.

His grin used to make my day, made me feel at ease even when I was a screwed up case.
His face haunts me, my palms begin to sweat, fear clearly etched onto my face.

My throat is parched, sweat glistens, my fists harden, pulse quickens.

The pillows are wet each morning, are those my tears? Or sweat? I can't tell,
And I go through the whole thing again, haunted by his deep dark eyes, his strong voice, his crushing hugs,his smell ....

I must've been,umm around 14 when I wrote this. I'm happy =D



  1. Hice poem for a girl of fourteen .. :)

  2. awesome! :D
    Its really great....i would be interested to read more of your poetry :)

  3. so someone can write so beautifully when in class 8th ?? :) Lovely..!! :)

    Your newest follower,



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