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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I'm Losing You!



Every single time you behave this way,
You leave me with nothing to say.
Now the good memories have been reduced to just a few,
I feel like I'm losing you .. And I don't want to!

I love you and I know you do, too.
Then what' got you acting the way you are?
It's like yesterday you were with me, now you've gone away someplace far.
I feel like I'm losing you .. And I don't want to!

The misunderstandings, they keep piling up.
I say something, you misinterpret and take it to your heart,
Suddenly we have begun to drift apart.
I feel like I'm losing you .. And I don't want to!

Do you not love me anymore? Are you starting to hate me and all that I do?
You've got me so confused, Just tell me what is going on!

I'm searching for answers, but you won't reply,
Tell me the truth. Was this whole thing a lie?
Coz I believe you, when you say you love me, I know it's true.
So why are you acting this way?
You leave me with nothing to say.
I'm losing you .. And I don't want to!



  1. So sad.. sometimes, you have to let people go.. Thanks for posting!

    1. I know! Sigh
      And I should thank you for reading! x

  2. This has nothing to do with the post, but I just saw it's your birthday today so HAPPY SEVENTEENTH!! God, I wish I could be seventeen again. Have a fantastic day. <3

  3. awesome
    simply superb
    keep sharing

  4. would you believe it if i say that miles away, a person of the opp gender born over a decade before u were born share similar thoughts? :)

    tells me that love has no age, no gender, no race. still it creates the crystal droplets called tears :)

    bless you.

    1. Ohmygod, really?
      Oh yes, you put it so beautifully!
      That's true. And, thanks :)

  5. It's sad when things just change, right? And then it leaves us wondering about what went wrong, and the answers are just so difficult to reach! Was it us who changed, or he, or our thoughts?
    Very well put. it's a post we can all relate to :)

  6. Such a beautiful poem, I know exactly how you feel x

  7. Hey there sexy Arien Sissy :) :)

    A very Happy Lovey Dovey Belated Birthday sweetheart :) :*
    How have you been and loads of apologies for wishing you soooo bloody late. :(
    I'm sure you enjoyed a lot and it was one of the best days ever. Meant to be :D

    Coming to this poem, God Bless! Hugs and Love.

    Cheers and Keep Rockin' Love!

  8. Amazing. :)
    And thanks for following me.



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