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Thursday, 26 July 2012


" Beautiful I am
That's what you always say
Your arms a shield of armor
When you're holding me this way

Yet a part of me dies every time
I hear those words you recite
Why can't you see
How broken I am inside

Beautiful you say, the blood only proves you wrong
There's just so much that time can not heal
The scars they say it all
Must I be so damned to feel

So many battles we've fought, so many battles we've lost
That's the price you pay for holding on so long
Our hearts ignoring the costs
But never quite defeating the odds

Rock bottom has brought me closer to the edge
In time your memories will fade and I know you will see
The biggest regret, the greatest mistake
You ever made was loving me

Someday I promise
You'll find someone new
Love this blood upon my hands
It's all for you

Beautiful I am
That's what you always say
Still a part of me dies, every time
You hold me this way "

I love this. In some way, I connect to this. The way she has described the brokenness of it all, WOW.

This is an extremely extremely beautiful poem written here by Crystal. You can go check out her poems and works of fiction at 'The Heart Of A Writer'.


  1. I am honored.. Knowing that someone, (you,) really connected with this poem brings me so much pleasure and joy. Thank you for sharing my poem on your blog and also, if you've ever felt this way, I hope you never feel this way again!! It's not a very good place to be.. Thank you so much..

    1. Unfortunately, you don't get to choose the mental place you want to be in/at! :]
      You're welcome Crystal. <3 Anytime!
      Much love. xx

  2. Frankly I had to read twice, but then the beauty and intricate meaning hit my brain. Then I went WOW!


    1. I'm glad you liked it. Crystal's poems are incredibly brilliant! :D

  3. I loved it! Could relate to every word! Beautiful work Crystal! And bravo Blahblaholic for putting it up! Fabulous choice!

    My world, my thoughts, my musings...

    1. Me too! :D
      She really does write beautifully!
      Thank you for dropping by :]

  4. yeah Crystal is indeed good in creating poems. So creative and inspiring.. Lovely and beautiful.. So nice! Somehow, I found the poem full of passion and love-- blazing and in tense!♥♥♥

    By the way, I tagged you on my latest post, .. go on! check that out ;-)



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