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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Do It My Way.

I am not going to give up, because I still want to try.
I'm not going to wipe my face, and fake a laugh when I still want to cry.
I am not going to say yes,I understand, when I simply don't.
I am not going to tell you I will do it, when I know I wont.
I am not going to say I got it, when I still want to know.
I am not going to lie, and say that I don't cry.
I'm not going to say I don't care, and be unfair.
I'm not going to scream and then ask you to keep it low.
And I'm never going to say that I'm over someone, when I can't let them go...



  1. Kristen Stewart is quite the bomb shell.. not in that way. She has a very explosive attitude. I've read a few interviews about her and I'm not sure if that's who she is in real life but it's nothing like her character in any of the movies that she's played in! That's why I say she's a bomb shell.. it was a bomb shell to hear her say some of the things that she said in some of those interviews but it is true.. if you can't love her for who she is.. SHE'S NOT PRETENDING! That's for sure! Have a great day Blahblah!!

    1. Ah, I just meant th quote, and not really her, so yeah.
      And thank you :]

  2. Nice! That is some attitude! If only everyone follows it.Brilliant writing!

    My world, my thoughts, my musings...

  3. I am going to be me and you better accept that :-)

    Well expressed!

  4. agree 100%,, I never understand why do women get offended with their femininity and want to portray they're someone else.

    When someone will tell us, ure such a girl we'll get offended, why? Yes WE ARE GIRLS, thats what makes us unique.

    loved this one :)

    1. Exactly, it's like people WILL judge you, no matter what. They 'll label you as too girly, or not girly enough, then why not just be yourself?
      Though I agree that sometimes it is too hard not to fade into the norms or you know, just to be accepted, you act like how the crowd is!
      I'm glad you loved it! :D



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