THIS BLOG HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN. FUTURE POEMS SHALL BE WRITTEN AT "TALES OF HER AND BY HER". Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for visiting! xx

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Short Sweet :)

 How Alladin loves Jasmine and grass loves dew, multiply that by infinity and you only have a glimpse of how much I Love You!

BTW I also blog here. That's where I write about everything, life in general. This one is pretty much a poetry kind of blog :)


  1. equally liked both d blogs !!! god bless !!! :)
    i realy hv a thng for poets :P , such a creative prsn u r .. !!!

  2. Thank you soo much *turns red*
    Haha me too :D
    Aww thanks !!!! :)

  3. liked ur blog very nice :D



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