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Sunday, 31 July 2011

I Gotta Earn Your Love?

Each time you say your mean words,
A little something within me dies, a little at a time.
It's funny how fast time flies,
And soon that little something turns into such a big heap.
I feel so worthless,
I curse myself. I cry myself to sleep.

Being depressed drives me crazy,
I try to change myself but you want more,you think I'm being lazy.

You think you know me well,
But you've only grazed through that tough exterior of me,
You have no clue what goes on inside my mind,
You don't know that sometimes I am as sad as can be.

When you call me 'fat' , it cuts me deep,
I don't let it show. But these wounds don't heal.
And 99% of the time you don't know how I feel!

Why do I have to earn your love??

[ BTW this is not entirely me. This is a little about me and a little about a person I know. Which part is about whom , well I'm not telling :) ]

P.s : I blog here too :)


  1. Sweet!!!

    the things we bear for that thing called love.. :)

    Nice read, Blahblaholic!! :)

  2. oooooh i likey likey ... specially the fat part :( me toooo :(

  3. hey!... who called u fat?... lemme get hold of that b***h... we'll kick her a** together 3:)

  4. @ R-A-J : Thanks :) And yeah, so true! Thankyu so much for stopping by :)

    @ Nia Charms : Hmm :( N thanks for liking it and following >:D<

    @ Devil : Meet me,tell you soon! :)

  5. Ahh well, you surprise me girl. It was a nice read. Keep it up N ;)

  6. Surprise you in a good way I hope?
    Thanks a mill Di >:D<

  7. Hell Yeah Nirati, in a great way!! :)

  8. You shouldn't do anything to earn anyone's love!
    You stay true to yourself,- and find the right person to that will love you for you.

  9. if someone judges you or anyone from outside, has to be shallow, don't earn his/her love.
    by the way,
    i liked it.
    nice and real

  10. @ Risha Di : I'm glad :)

    @ The 17 year old naive : Hmm true :) This isn't about my boyfriend or some crush or something. It's about somebody else. And I agree but sometimes I fail to do that!

    @ Solitaire : That is true. I don't know why I need people's acceptance so much .. I think it's because of low self esteem. But don't worry, my parents,my boyfriend and my friends aren't that way :) This is about somebody else!
    And I'm glad you liked it :D !

  11. It's beautiful.
    It's a phase that everyone goes through. You have penned down the feelings really well. :)

  12. Nice post <3

  13. then that is not fair :( how should one know which part is about you and which part is about some one else and which is that some one you know :)

  14. WOw this is very uplifiting! Great message! I am now following your blog! follow me back, if you like? :)

  15. @ Philo : Thank you so much! :)

    @ Aman : Thanx!! :D

    @ Muhammad : Hahaha that's true but for now, no thanks! :) I'm keeping it this way!

    @ Marcia : Aww thank you SOO much!!!

    @ Muhammad : Thanks!!! :)

  16. hahaha awww...loved it..especially the way every line rhymed...i have a thing for poetry too...:)

    do check out my blog:)

  17. WOW... too good.. loved it.. :) actually a sweet blog on the whole :)



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