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Monday, 28 May 2012

A Lot Of Fun In The Sun!

Beneath the golden sun, and the beautiful blue sky,
Basking in warmth, under this umbrella, I lie.

Families playing tag, and children build a sand castle.
I lay on the mat carefree, as skin care is no longer a hassle!

Slathering the sun expert, smoothing it over my exposed skin,
I sip a cool martini and step out from the shade, from now on, no worrying!

Kyra and me, we beat the summer sun, hang around in shorts, chill out and have fun.
We go swimming and diving, even in the hotel pool, 
No longer afraid of sun damage, we try out everything that seems cool!

Sun burns and skin damage, things of  the past.
We wear Lakme Sun Expert and enjoy as it lasts.

We go on long bike rides, show off our pretty tans,
We enjoy at night too, clinking cold cans.

Let's play in the park, go for a trek,
Let's do all the fun things we have always wanted, now that our skin won't be wrecked!

Wear chappals and roam carefree without ugly tan lines,
Now that we have Lakme, no need to apply bowls of curd or limes!


We take morning strolls, lie our backs against the dewy green grass, Kyra and me.
We go swimming and splash water on others, jumping from the diving board.
Shorts and tees, the smell of rich,ripe mangoes everywhere, IPL and vacation, you can literally feel your spirit soar!
Ice lollies and chilled cans, a faint beat pulses in the air, like an indistinct buzzing in our ears that declares,
We wear the clothes we want, not shying from the sun, we go everywhere we want, frolicking and having fun =D

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  1. Very beautiful poem dear...Kyra gets excited after listening to your plan...All the best for the contest :)

  2. Awesome poem! I hope you do well in the competition! :) x

  3. I love it!! We saw a few children building castles today too when we went to the lake! We had a blast and soaked up some sun ourselves! This is what summer's all about!! NICE!

    1. Aww :D
      I wish we had such lakes here too!
      Thanks a lot =] xx

  4. Awesome poem, can't wait for summer, and good luck for the contest!

  5. OMG! Wahaaooo that is awesome... You're gonna so win this :D

  6. This is great! I loved the flow :) Good luck with the contest :)

  7. That was a cute weave of words:) Best wishes for the contest:)

  8. That's some poem dear :) u sure will win..btw am following your blog now.. do check out mine and follow if you like it :) I'm sure you'll find answers to some of your skin queries there..take care

    my latest post - The_10_Acne_Commandments



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